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Generative Health

The generative health support I offer is individualized based on a person’s or family’s needs. I am trained as a birth, postpartum and abortion doula. I have had most of my experience working with clients in a hospital birth and postpartum setting. I am available to work in hospitals, birth centers, and at home with clients.


This can look like:

  • Confidential,nonjudgmental, body positive, sex positive, culturally humble and trauma informed

  • Herbal medicine, lifestyle and nutrition recommendations

  • Breath work

  • Meditation and visualization 

  • Prenatal, peri-natal, post partum on call support

  • Miscarriage and abortion on call support

Rates for this work are to be determined with each person based on their needs and can range from $30-1500 depending on services and time. Please contact me for a free phone consultation to discuss further how I can support you.

*Currently on call support is variable based on full time RN scheduling*

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